EMDR / CBT Therapies for Students

Student performance is affected by many components. While some are ability, skill / planning issues, stress and anxiety can also be a factor often. CBT and EMDR are therapies that can help with those . Watch the video to learn more and see if this can help in you / your child's situation.

I provide :

Shikainah Champion-Samuel

Psychological Therapist
  • CBT for students
  • EMDR for students
  • Therapist for other disorders from ages 16+

Therapy approaches to high severity

Factors that affect student performance

Students performance affected by many factors. While some are ability, skill or planning issues, issues like anxiety, stress, depression etc can take a toll affect people to various degrees based on the severity. While sometimes these are perceptibly severe and debilitating, othertimes these are less perceptible and severe but nevertheless affecting one on a day-to-day basis. Irrespective of the severity CBT and EMDR are therapies that can help students i an effective way.

Therapy approach to low severity situations that are impairing

How is it useful

What kind of difficulties / disorders it can help?