DH, Male, 20, Student (Seen for stress related issues)

I was fairly skeptical about starting therapy; I'd tried meditating and a few other things before and I assumed this would be fairly similar, just learning some new skills or things to practice which might help a bit. I've been so surprised by how much the work we did resonated with me, and how much I've learned about myself in such a short space of time. I do genuinely feel like I've grown and learned life long lessons and skills from therapy, which will improve my health and quality of life in the long term.

MP, Male, 30, Teacher (Seen for PTSD following car accident)

I found the sessions extremely useful as I was provided the tools to deal with the accident. I learnt ways to deal with the psychological effects in a similar environment such as being in a car but more importantly how to deal with sleepless nights and flashbacks during everyday life. 

SB, Female, 52, Nurse (Seen for multiple traumatic issues)

Shikainah put me at ease immediately. The sessions were structured with time for reflection. The therapy definitely helped me to deal with my difficulties and moved me forward. Highly recommend following the full program to completion.